Our busy weekend 2

We had a much warmer day on Sunday, thanks to a lot of running around putting up quilt stands, quilts and our demo area at the annual Nantwich Quilters Sale. Just a couple of stops up the M6 with a loaded van (Chris rather liked being part of the White Van Brigade) and the enticing prospect of bacon sandwiches when everything was set up. Two hours of concentrated activity and we were chomping away just as the doors opened – phew! Twenty quilts up, labelled, lots of brochures and enquiries for our classes, and then all too soon it was time to do everything in reverse order (excluding the bacon sandwiches) and pack the van and head for home. But it was a good day with lots of bargains and lots to see – next year the event is moving to Sandbach where there is a bigger space and much more parking. Starting with a rather gorgeous skirt we spotted in the crowds here’s a quick glimpse of a few of the quilts we had on display (we were too busy to take pictures of anything else during the day) –










Now the van has been returned, quilts put away and it’s back to teaching at The Corner Patch for Chris and sewing hexagons for Barbara. Phew!


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