random bits and pieces

It’s only a few days to go, too many things to do or think about so Chris has been holed up in the sewing studio (aka her spare bedroom) making a random quilt with no final purpose in mind. Sensible? No. Fun? Kind of … ! Anway, it is finished. Hoorah. So here’s a couple of pics to prove it.

swamp a small

swamp b small

Not the usual thing Chris makes. But its out of her system for now. The (vague) idea was to take a block (the one in the centre of the above photo) and ‘explode’ it, scattering its units across the background – as in the top photo. Reminds Chris a bit of her brother who delighted in taking things apart to see how they worked – “It’s not broken, mum, its just in bits”. It proved horribly difficult to be random in tilt of the units and their ‘scatter’. Chris does not do ‘random’, nor asymmetric.

So the rest of the year can carry on now … and then there’s next year waiting in the wings. Worksheets are being written, Needs Lists prepared. The next class is much earlier in the year than usual – on January 18th (just before the show at Nantwich, not clever planning on our part) and is called ‘Merged Blocks’. The needs list is available on the website. And there’s secure online booking too…
In the meantime our brochure has had a bit of a facelift courtesy of Chris’s daughter who has been playing (her word) with a desktop publishing programme. We’re quite impressed. Have a look.


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