A touch of festive colour

Before C&B Towers and the Rural Office get overtaken with seasonal mayhem we thought you might like to see a couple of rather splendid finishes from recent Tittensor classes –


Chris had a particularly good brainwave during one of our recent high level meetings at HQ and has shut herself up in the Sewing Suite for the last few days – too busy stitching to take pictures, but the result promises to be quite different.
Barbara has been slowly putting together Rural Christmas – and noticing just how much red fabric features in her house for the rest of the year. Of course, there was help with writing the cards –

and tidying and straightening



This tiny paper-pieced sample might come in handy

and could even work with some other samples that could have been tidied away

Worryingly, further hand piecing has appeared at the Rural Office in the last day or two – something about a need to make pincushions

– or could this be the start of tree decorations? And there’s a most delectable piece of fabric that may be transformed into a bag or notebook cover –

plus a very small amount of hand quilting

which needs to be a cushion very soon!
Hope your seasonal stitching and preparations go smoothly….


One thought on “A touch of festive colour

  1. The top quilt is lovely and whoever has done the freeform one really got a move on, lovely setting. At least if much of your decor is red you won’t have to get too much extra out.

    Wishing you both a lovely Christmas and a well earned break before you hurtle into 2014.

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