Keeping busy

The Chris and Barbara classes at Tittensor may have finished for this year but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting doing nothing. Barbara has been chasing up and down the country teaching here and there and Chris has been travelling back and forth to Eccleshall to The Corner Patch to teach there. It’s been a busy week – on Wednesday there was a ‘Make a Christmas Runner in a day’ class, this was the second one as it had proved so popular but Chris had forgotten her camera that first time. Here’s a couple of ‘nearly finished’ from the second class. Bear in mind that two of these almost finished runners were made by folk who had never used a rotary cutter before and were complete novices. (with apologies for fuzziness)


runner c

runner b

On Thursday and Saturday it was the turn of Technique of the Month and Block of the Month. Thursday’s technique was binding. Chris was not looking forward to this as mitred bindings have always presented her with a bit of a challenge – it does mean though that there are a lot of examples showing how not to do it and the mistakes that happen. However . . . faced with a class full of eager students . . .(whisper it quietly) we might have cracked it and found a method that works. Saturday’s topic was Machine Quilting and, after a demonstration of various designs twirls and twiddles, several students were brave enough to give free-motion a bit of a try –

mach quilt sm

In the afternoon we tackled the penultimate Block of the Month (we’re a bit behind on Saturdays because of snow earlier in the year). This month’s block is labelled Strawberry Smoothie in Electric Quilt and gives the opportunity to practice cutting several different shapes and making some new units.

BoM Dec

And now it really is time to concentrate on worksheets and samples for next year. Classes at The Corner Patch start (for Chris) on January 11th with the 2014 Block of the Month series concentrating on Log Cabin and its variations. There will be a new series of Technique of the Month as well as all sorts of one-off workshops as well. Then there are the Chris and Barbara workshops to prepare for. The Needs List for Merged Blocks on January 18th is available from the website now and a tentative start has been made on a worksheet – the Electric Quilt Project exists for it anyway.

PS The pattern for that runner is now available to buy from Craftsy.


One thought on “Keeping busy

  1. They do say that there is no rest for the wicked. The table runners are great. Has your auto spell sent you off to the Cotton Patch rather than the Corner Patch for next year or are you really spreading your wings further afield?

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