It’s a challenge

How can you run an empire without technology? Chris has been finding out the hard way these past three weeks – no laptop, no desktop, no internet at C&B Towers. The entire IT department has had to close while solutions are found for the unbelievable effects of a new cyber supervirus. Over at the Rural Office there’s internet and iPads but no laptop for important things like Electric Quilt and all the Microsoft Word files. When all this is over the IT budget for the next five years will have been wiped out – so far the tally is one new laptop, six visits to the IT fixers and two further items returned to factory settings, which means lots of backing up and re-installing which takes longer than you’d like. There may be more to come, but let’s just say that this has been one heck of a persistent piece of malware.

So, any delays in our timings for class preparation, blog, Meadowside Designs etc are not the result of our habitual procrastination – the empire is being kept on track (just) courtesy of the local library and an iPad, plus a lot of caffeine. And we are both getting a lot of sewing done, which is a Good Thing. Here’s a quick shot of Barbara’s “almost finished” stack (Chris is still buried under mounds of quilt at her machine) –


3 thoughts on “It’s a challenge

  1. I had wondered where you were and hope the issues and problems are resolved very soon so you can both ‘get back on the air’ so to speak.

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