One thing after another

We’ve reeled from computer emergencies to fabric emergencies this week. The computer emergency is ongoing and has shut down a complete department at C& B Towers and limited the IT scope of our Rural Office too. Fabric emergencies have been generated during all the cutting and stitching that seems to have filled our time while we await the resolution of the computer situation. Chris has begun and finished a full size quilt – so far only this glimpse is available

– designed and finished the sample for her next Machine Quilting class –

There have been several trips to The Corner Patch to find fabric ( who would have thought you could find fabric in a quilt shop!?) to rescue incomplete borders and backing and discover the need to acquire fabric for projects as yet unplanned – so much choice!






Barbara found one selection irresistible and now finds that a new quilt for The Grandson is imperative

Absence of computers = more stitching time for Barbara’s newest hand piecing project

Increasing the size of this sample will result in another fabric emergency as there are very limited supplies in this colour range in Barbara’s freshly-tidied and seriously reduced stash.
Dealing with all this stress and activity has taken its toll and our intake of this vital resource has increased considerably

Time to put the clocks back and enjoy the “extra” hour – and a lack of emergencies next week!

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