This should have been a straightforward week of preparation and catching up throughout the C&B Empire, but during the weekend all plans had to change. It started at the rural office when building and repair works were given the go-ahead and the builder was able to start immediately – brick dust, plaster dust, very elderly walls

A bonus is the temporary fixture of the builder’s companion –

– who is keeping a careful eye on things including at least one permanent resident

When there is chaos and confusion sometimes a little sewing offers a peaceful space, so Barbara decided to make some headway with a sample for a 2014 class.


So far so good. Then real progress – six more blocks were quickly stitched together. And what do we always preach? check, check and check again. Spot the goof up that was only noticed at the end –

Hand piecing is no easier to unpick than machine piecing……. but the whole day’s work had to be undone, and you can guess what is on the agenda at the rural branch today! Still, it’s a pretty block and it will probably show up on Barbara’s blog as the sample develops.

Meanwhile back at C&B Towers life was a little more under control to the point where spring bulbs had been planted, project notes written up, quilts measured, quilts planned, worksheets finished. And then the almost-disaster struck – cyber attack discovered, files corrupted, work lost. Much frantic activity to resolve and salvage the situation. So it appears that Chris is going to be deeply engaged with technical matters for the immediate future with a vastly increased caffeine intake….

3 thoughts on “Besieged!

  1. Out of chaos comes order, I’m sure that’s an old saying. Sure has been a trying week, hope all is fixed/repaired or underway by now.

  2. Oops, I suspect that may have been caused by the admiring attention you were giving to that gorgeous collie. Hope your building work is finished/progressing well and that Chris has tamed her cyber attacker.

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