Spaces and progress

All the renovation work that has taken place at C&B Towers has had a knock-on effect at our rural office – Barbara has re-assessed and revamped all her space and contents with some notable results – clear(ish) surfaces and more floor space.  There is still quite a lot of fine-tuning to do but it feels a lot better, bigger and brighter – A Good Thing!   The hope is that production from the rural office will increase as a result (about time too! – Chris) and so far the plan seems to be working.  It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the stuff that is hanging around waiting to be finished, or at least moved on to the next stage, so Barbara has shoved  carefully moved all the WIPs, PhDs and UFOs into one large storage bin under her desk.  Now everything is close at hand but not immediately visible, easy to dip into and put back.

The production so far has seen a start on a forgotten charm pack



which may end up as a small sofa throw or table cloth.  Samples have been produced for our class Jelly Roll Seminole on Saturday –



Samples have been produced for our Positive Negative class in November –







A Grandmother’s Fan project has been found  rescued  retrieved and moved along one more step towards completion –



A HUGE pile of books and magazines have been moved out so that the shelves now look more like this –

DSCN4627 DSCN4627




Back to work – production calls!


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