Jelly roll space

Yet another busy week here at C&B Towers – finishing touches are being added to the major building works carried out earlier in the summer and our autumn teaching programme is already in full swing.   Our next Saturday class is October 12th at Tittensor when we will be sharing the fun of stitching strips together and cutting them up again for our Seminole Jelly Roll class.  The Ticket Office tells us that there are still some spaces left for this class so you could book your place over at our website and come and join us.  Samples have been made, discussed and modified, the worksheet is nearly finished and it promises to be a good day all round.

sample board

We’re amazed that this gem from 1980 (yes, really – 1980!) is still one of the main references for Seminole work –


What’s probably more amazing is that this was a brand new publication when Barbara acquired her copy, which just goes to prove how long we’ve been messing about with fabric!


2 thoughts on “Jelly roll space

  1. There is one hell of a lot of information in that book that has not been surpassed in all the intervening years. And yes, I have the same.

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