Hit the road

It’s a seldom-publicised fact, but we do take our tandem teaching act off home territory from time to time.  On Monday the Chris & Barbara Road Show rolled into Mold to teach Free Motion Quilting to a very enthusiastic group of more than 20 ladies, and a good time was had by all.  Slight hiccup at the start – no caretaker, unable to access booked venue – every organiser’s nightmare.  Problem solved by a very organised organiser who found another hall nearby, led the convoy of cars to the new venue and had us all set up a mere 45 minutes after the published start time.   Phew!!

No surprises in how we tackled the teaching – the usual formula of worksheets, demo and discuss then guided stitching time to try everything out.  We caught several perfectionists unpicking lines of stitching and had to remind them that it’s probably better to keep going and improve by doing rather than trying to have everything perfect from the start (which is almost impossible anyway!).  And, despite the slightly later start, everyone had the opportunity to try lots of different patterns, swoops and squiggles on the scribble cloths we had provided – just a few pics because we were too busy keeping up with a roomful of keen stitchers! –


















Next stop is Tittensor Village Hall on Saturday for our Drunkards Square class – the samples are done, worksheets printed out, demo equipment collected up, just the vital kitchen supplies to marshall and we’ll be ready to go.


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