Another “not” Block of the Month

We’re still happily working our way through some of Barbara’s vintage black and white blocks for our “not” Block of the Month inspiration – this time we decided to feature a block we know as Jacob’s Ladder, but is also known as Rocky Road to California.  It’s a favourite for both of us, plenty of scope and a directional block too which offers a lot of setting possibilities if you get carried away and make lots of blocks!  You can download our free printable instructions here.  First the vintage block, followed by some “in progress” pics from the re-making process.

Jacob's Ladder block


We think it’s always worth exploring some options for a block layout before committing to the final seams –

layout 2

layout 3

Just a couple of quick EQ doodles to give you some ideas for quilt settings of this block –

Jacobs Ladder 1

Jacobs Ladder 2

Jacobs Ladder 3


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