Drunkards Square

– is the title of our next class. September is here and a new term starts any day now so here at C&B Towers the sewing machines and computers are whirring as we attempt to finalise worksheets and class samples. September 21st will arrive before we know it.

And – Drunkards Square? What’s that all about?

Everyone knows the traditional Drunkards Path pattern and a lot of us dread those curved seams (but they are really easy when you know how (or know how to cheat – Chris)).

Drunkard's Path block

Drunkard's Path

But a Drunkard’s Square??

Let’s just say we have a Cunning Plan. Yes, it is based on Drunkard’s Path. No, you won’t have heard of it. Why? We dreamt it up over one of those high-powered discussions at HQ last year and it’s a C &B original.

another conference

It’s simple, it’s different and, most importantly, you won’t find it anywhere else. Shall we say – it adds an extra dimension to this fascinating and versatile block.

Book a place now. Be there and be Square!


2 thoughts on “Drunkards Square”

  1. Oh I wish I could transport myself from Colorado to you for your course. Sounds so interesting. I enjoy your blog very much

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