More choices

Sometimes you just get on a roll before you know it – this is probably what happened to Chris last week with all her “finish it” progress, and it must be catching because yesterday Barbara found herself caught up in something similar starting with those dratted interesting little 4 patches from the previous post.  Apparently this project has morphed yet again since these pics were taken but just to give you an idea of the development –  auditioning extra borders to expand the original block, maybe setting 3 blocks into a line, maybe adding in smaller 4 patches to turn around the block ……..

4 patch next stage

4 patch settings

4 patch setting variation

Determined not to be outdone by Chris’s examplary finishes, Barbara also managed to stumble over just the right fabrics to move several things from the “begun” pile over to the “got borders on, what next?” pile.  OK, not absolutely finished, but moved on one more step, and sometimes that is good enough.  One piece of Oakshott worked beautifully alongside a hand-dyed first border to a small Hawaiian applique sample –

Oakshott & hand dyed

Hawaiian sample

Then the perfect batik length showed up to be auditioned for a border for these star blocks that have been hanging around for a couple of years or more –

early Christmas Stars

Another length of batik jumped out of the stash and announced that it would be suitable for borders for new stitched samples –

batik audition

So it’s been a busy holiday weekend, let’s hope we get even more progress this week!


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