Choices, choices …

It may be a holiday weekend, but we are both busy in our own corners of C&B Towers.  Chris is clearing up after builders, organising the restructured Staff Canteen and entertaining gardening friends while Barbara is putting quilts away, rummaging through several years’s worth of class samples, and making a start on a pile of “almost finished” projects.  Chris set the example this last week for finishing up – there is a satisfying stack of quilts in her Sewing Suite and she just needs to be persuaded to take a few pics so we can all see the fruits of her labours.  Tucked away in the sample box, Barbara found four simple 4patch blocks that looked as if they might be the start of something that could be put together quickly – maybe a small table mat, maybe individual coasters….  Which meant further rummaging through collections of fat quarters to find suitable fabric.  Here’s the story so far –

four blocks

first 2 choices

second choices

third choices

This has all the hallmarks of something that you think can be finished quickly and promptly turns into a long-winded marathon.  Certainly, it’s looking like it will take rather longer than Barbara thought – currently there are mutterings of “maybe turn the blocks on point?”, “maybe throw them away and forget it?” “maybe slap them together to make one larger block and see what happens?”.   We’ll keep you informed of developments – have a good weekend!


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