Electrically quilting

It has been a week of great stress and disruption at C&B Towers – builders, electricians, dust and drills, the entire Staff Canteen has been completely gutted and is being rebuilt. The only usable space has been high on the Executive Floor in the Sewing Suite, so Chris has been marooned tucked away working her way through a whole pile of half, three quarter and almost finished projects. Borders have been put on, basic quilting done, bindings attached, labels prepared, projects written up, and all at such a furious pace that no photos have been taken. We hope to rectify this situation when normal service can be resumed! By way of light relief from all this, Chris managed to spend a happy hour trying out some ideas in Electric Quilt – we can feel at least one new class coming along! See if you agree ….

The basic block straight set –

quilt b1

Use the Rotate button to move the blocks into 4 bigger blocks –

quilt b2

Rotate the blocks further for a new arrangement –

quilt b5

So now the problem is that Chris has to remain in the Sewing Suite until she has made a start on some of the above ideas – apparently, she has already sent out a request for further fabric supplies. Just as well the builders will still be in residence next week, it’s amazing how much can be achieved when cut off from essential supplies (aka kettle, mug and biscuits) and thus deprived of an excuse to stop for a ‘quick sit-down and a flip through the paper’. (I always thought that came under the heading “essential research” …? Barbara)


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