Summer holidays

Chris snatched a day or two away recently, thinking that if Barbara could swan off to southern Spain, the least she could do was trundle southwards in dear old England.  It was the usual British summer’s day – ideal for a walk along the beach –

summer at the beach

– howling winds, torrential rain and clouds of sea spray. At least it blew a few cobwebs away. ‘Bracing’ is to put it mildly.

A little bit of patchwork was discovered while away too. There may be another quilter coming along.  Great-niece, who is seven, is making a quilt with Granny. Hand pieced squares over papers.

doll's quilt

It is destined to be a doll’s cot quilt for a younger cousin. No camera (again) so I’m afraid its grainy and fuzzy phone photos but you get the idea. It is a ‘secret surprise’ too, so don’t let on.

And now its back home to classes and more website building – and the weather has turned warm and sunny!  How did that happen!


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