Activity update

Chris has been very busy re-organising a pond and has had various adventures in the course of finding suitable supplies for said renovation. Now, she says, it’s just a matter of replanting – or will it be that simple? There’s also been much muttering along the corridors of the executive floor of C&B Towers – it appears that a new website is being constructed and the entire IT team (aka Chris) has laboured for days to complete the project.

Barbara meanwhile has been scouting possibilities to move our HQ to Spain – this looked like a good candidate, two chairs are already set out!

The view is good from the terrace

and from the table


Not too far away is the news kiosk

which would mean we would still have reading matter to hand. On the floor inside the church is a lovely Lone Star picked out in tiny squares of marble to make the design (apologies for a slightly blurry pic) –


All this is really in the realms of fantasy and our usual procrastination. Back in the real world the next major event will be Festival of Quilts (eek! in less than 7 days) and Barbara is mentally gearing up and finishing the planning for her spot in the Quilting in Action section of the show. This year she is contemplating selling some of her quilt and stencil design samples – and Chris distinctly heard “selling quilts to make space”. So if you are visiting Festival, stop by and see what the decision was!


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