Celtic roots

While Barbara has been soaking up the sun Chris has been busy avoiding it and getting ready for a class at The Corner Patch. This month’s Technique is Celtic Applique. Its a long time since Chris did any of this and there seem to be no examples/samples or Blue Peters about the place. Drastic news – it means Chris is going to have to make some. Probably no bad thing as at least its a chance to practice before attempting to do it in public!

As previously mentioned, Chris has recently been to the British Museum (they had a vague attempt at air conditioning, but not so’s you’d notice) and while there took the opportunity to go to see the Sutton Hoo and other Anglo Saxon (as well as Viking and Celtic) treasures. Then a trip to Hanley and a few minutes to spare meant the opportunity to pop into the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery to see the Staffordshire Hoard display (hurry – it finishes at the end of August). The fact that this museum does have air conditioning and was blissfully cool had nothing to do with the detour at all. Though one of the staff said they were thinking of asking if they could have sleep-overs – what a good idea, Chris thought, sign me up.

All this immersion in Anglo Saxon, Viking and other similar designs, not to mention a book Chris remembered she had bought a long time ago, led to a happy afternoon with paper and pencil doodling curves and scrolls and intertwining knots.

celtic b

None of which was at all suitable for the class next week – bias will bend, but not that much in a confined space and the piece we’re going to make will measure only 4 x 12 inches. So out came more paper and the scissors.

celtic c

And a few further doodles and rubbings out and some more considered measurements later and a suitable design was produced.

celtic d

Finding fabric to make some bias strips from, and the bias bars bought a very very long time ago, then making the strips took another morning.

celtic a

Finally the strips were glued and stitched (very roughly) in place to make sure the design was possible and worked in fabric.

celtic e

So all that remains is to write the worksheet, make the Blue Peters, make a proper (and better) sample and then we’ll be ready for Thursday next week. And Saturday in September as well. Only the Block of the Month to do now and this month there are two blocks plus a new technique to learn. But that’s not until Saturday next week. There’ll be the whole of Friday free to prepare. And of course its the end of the month – again, already – so there’s the small matter of a magazine article to write. Just as well the garden is full of builders mending walls!


One thought on “Celtic roots

  1. Very impressed with the Celtic sample. I have some bias bars somewhere – wondered what they were for! May have to take a trip to Hanley to see the Hoard display. The queue was too long when it was on at Birmingham Museum when I was there. That will teach me to go at half term.

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