Brick-like hints

Chris returned from a (very hot and sticky) day out in London to see the Pompeii exhibition at the British Museum and found that Barbara had been busy writing a blogpost – with a very brick-like hint about some EQ drafting assistance.  The computer is in a nice cool room at the back of C&B Towers  … and there was a formal request made over essential caffeine intake at Headquarters the next morning, so at almost the speed of light here are the first drafts –

BCs pointy Dresden plate

Doesn’t look too far off the original, perhaps?

And the other one – the stone circle? Well this still needs some work; one of the circles is missing and the proportions aren’t quite right (spot the perfectionist here – Barbara).  But it looks very promising –

T'ham stone circle b

Wonder if these will be on Barbara’s “to do” list for her trip to Spain?  After all, the hard part has been done, just the templates to cut, fabric to choose (well, that could take several days – Barbara) and some of that speedy hand piecing she’s always talking about and there would be two great blocks.  Can it really be that straightforward?!


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