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Lots of activity around C&B Towers this week – Barbara is preparing for something called a holiday and Chris is preparing for classes, gardening and running C&B Enterprises yet again.  Class preparation is always helped along by looking at results from previous classes, so we were delighted to have these pics of two tote bags made following our Tumbling Stars class –

Margery bag blue


Margery bag red


and a finished block from the same class – we understand that this might not actually be a finish, more the start of something a little larger …

Karen's Tumbling Star


Chris is often called upon to put her EQ skills at the service of others and rather suspects there may be an imminent request for further drafting.  As part of essential holiday preparation Barbara has been spending some time with this book –


which contains many luscious quilt pics, but one in particular has caught her attention



and a little closer



Sort of a Starry Dresden Plate, which would take in Chris’s Dresden Plate work and Barbara’s hand pieced zigzag triangles and curves…  Then there are one or two pictures on the “Waiting” file with a similar theme –

photo (10)


photo (9)


So, we’ll see what happens – who knows, A Plan may be forming!  After all, planning is what we’re good at, it’s just that procrastination brings everything to a halt!

Spotted on a summery walk was this rather appropriate numberplate – we wonder if the owner has worked out the answer to the question …?


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