In the summertime

We have slightly different views about summertime, when it finally arrives.  Chris has a sun and heat tolerance which stops at 25 degreesC, claiming generations of Celtic heritage are responsible.  Barbara has a particular fondness for desert landscapes and a dry heat tolerance up to 40 degreesC, neither of which are easily achievable in the UK.  So we usually adopt quite different strategies in Hot Weather – Chris takes herself to the further ends of C&B Towers, fans on, and shaded windows, to catch up on light reading, Barbara marches outside clutching sufficient supplies to quilt or sew for days and resolutely stays put.  However, during the last week, Chris found herself sewing outside (and BY HAND too!!)

al fresco stitching

hemming down bindings on a whole multitude of table mats (there must be a class on the horizon somewhere – Barbara).  A couple of hundred miles away, Barbara was sewing indoors – does an orangery count as indoors? – with a lovely group of ladies

indoors - just

Chris was taking a well-deserved day off at Pashley Manor Gardens and some of the pics she took of the fabulous gardens will doubtless show up in coming weeks in our Wordless Wednesday posts.  But there are still samples to be made, planning to be done plus our usual procrastination – various gardening bargains have been acquired and all sorts of things we don’t really need.  Barbara has made a start on some new quilting designs, looked out a few fabrics and has a small corner of her table strewn with coloured pens –

Barbara's quilting sample

cut these up?

ready to design

Chris is adamant that it is far too hot to do anything except get things ready for two classes and check that there will be fans in the classroom.  Wonder how long summer will last?


2 thoughts on “In the summertime

  1. Chris, I am ‘with you’ on the heat. All curtains closed at the back of my house (where my sewing room is – so not much sewing is being done). Fans are out and on most of the time!!!! At least catching up on loads of washing and painting garage door!!!

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