Too much technology, not enough time

Chris has left the running of the C&B Empire to Barbara this week – it was all going quite well until Barbara decided to post our latest Not Block of the Month. Suffice it to say that somewhere between one laptop, one gadget and a whole load of good intentions our latest Not Block of the Month is available, but you’ll need to scroll down through earlier posts to get to it. Thanks to the mysterious backroom workings of WordPress the program has decided to stick with the date of the most recent revision and not the actual date of hitting the “publish” button. Who knows how this has come about ? there have been several attempts this afternoon to move the post in question, delete it, republish it but it is firmly attached to the revision date and isn’t playing nicely. Further attempts may be made when temper has cooled…. in the meantime, please scroll down to see what delights we have in store for you for this month.

FINALLY! as can be seen above, the problem appears to be fixed. Chris will be making sure Barbara is not left in charge for some time, far too dangerous!


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