Not Block of the month again

We can’t believe just how quickly the months disappear – time for our next Not Block of the Month again and it’s already July. Our first Not Block post was back in April which feels like a long time ago. As with it’s predecessors this month’s Not Block choice is inspired by a vintage black and white block from Barbara’s collection –

vintage black & white block

This one is called Dove in the Window. Notice how the maker managed to use a variety of backgrounds to finish up the block – blue spot, red spot, grey check, small stripe. Barbara made different choices for her sample, varying the fabric and colour for the main pieces and keeping the background consistent. Thanks to Chris not looking at the original (and where the construction lines were) too closely our instructions make a Dove in the Window variation, which we think looks rather jolly done in these different colours –

block under construction

but you could have a lot of fun using two or three backgrounds. This would be especially effective if you set a number of blocks edge to edge ..

9 block setting

a few changes

more changes

When you have the units set out ready for the final seams why not take a few minutes to turn things around and enjoy some of the block variations?

switching around

another switch

Download the free printable instructions here and explore some of the possibilities of this block for yourself.


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