Summer’s here! ?

The ‘summer holidays’ have arrived at C&B Towers. No more C&B classes until September when we’ll be teaching Drunkard’s Square at Tittensor on the 21st and travelling to Mold to teach machine quilting on the 16th. C&B groupies will be stunned and amazed to know that the worksheet for Drunkard’s Square is well on the way. The Needs List is being tweaked even as we type and samples are being discussed. We think it could be a really good workshop (modesty gets us everywhere) – we’ve come up with a Cunning Plan which (surprise surprise) involves starting with a few squares, joining them together, cutting them apart, adding a few further elements and … end up with a block that is a Drunkard’s Path with a difference. We even have a Plan for Mold. But September is a long way off so how will we fill those empty hours? Firstly we really need to get down to planning next year’s classes. The dates are booked at Tittensor, we just have to decide what to teach, on which day and then write the brochure – and revamp the website. In between times we both have our own teaching committments – Barbara more so than Chris. So there are all those workshops to prepare for. Plus there are dozens of ‘samples’ and ‘Blue Peters’ asking to be finished.

So on Thursday while Barbara entertained visitors from afar (trips to Oxford, Stratford, Liverpool and the like on the agenda for the next few days) Chris looked at the weather –


and decided to take an inventory of ‘things that need finishing’. A fabric that ‘would do’ was found and the picnic set had a binding made and stitched on.

picnic binding

The Lone Star was dug out of the cupboard

quilting b

More ‘will do’ fabrics were unearthed from further cupboards and a backing made. Furniture was shifted from the sitting room to make a large enough space for layering (it’s 80 inches square). Much huffing and puffing later and it has been layered and the main construction seams stitched (more or less) in the ditch. It even has a binding made – a good plan to make the binding before you are really ready for it otherwise there is a tendency to use that fabric for something else. Listen to the voice of experience!

Further things in need of finishing will have to wait while Chris recovers. The Layer Cake Scramble quilts need either stitching together or borders (or both) and then they’ll both need quilting.


A peek in the cupboard to see bags of UFOs hanging there accusingly


– trouble is, there’s more than one project in each bag. Quick, shut the door on them. The sun has peeked out. Its time to go back in the garden. There’s a bed to be dug out and a fence to finish painting.


One thought on “Summer’s here! ?

  1. Good to see that you have made a start. The trouble with good weather in this country is that it is so rare we just have to give the garden priority.

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