Triangles and diamonds

Following on from our Tumbling Stars class we thought we’d show you a few photos explaining cutting 60 degree angles to get triangles and diamonds and then how to match those shapes to stitch them together.

So to begin with cutting a triangle. First cut a strip the height of the triangle. Find the 60 degree line on the ruler, line it up with one raw edge of the strip and cut your first angle. Turn the ruler around, line up the 60 degree line with one of the raw edges of the strip (it is at the bottom in this photo) and cut from (or to) the point of the triangle. Cut your way along the strip to make lots of triangles. As it is a symmetrical shape you can leave the strip folded and cut 2 or even 4 triangles at a time.

cut 60 deg triangle

Cutting a diamond is very similar. Cut a strip the width of the diamond and make your first 60 degree angle cut in exactly the same way as for the triangle. Then measure the required length of the diamond along the strip and mark it lightly with a pencil. You can mark the length of the strip, or as many diamonds as you want to cut. And, again, its a symmetrical shape – you can leave the strip folded and cut multiples at once.

mark 60deg diamond

Once everything is marked, find the 60 degree line on the ruler, line it up with a raw edge on the strip and cut to each mark, keeping the ruler facing the same way this time – just slide it along the strip.

cut 60deg diamond

To stitch them together into rows, as we were for the Tumbling Stars block, you need to match the tip of the diamond and the tip of the triangle, leaving the seam allowances of the triangles showing half way down the diamond.

stitch 60deg triangle

Then stitch a quarter inch seam along the appropriate side (this is the slightly tricky bit as they have a habit of turning round in your hand). The seam should end where the diamond and triangle intersect.

triangle stitched

Finally, press the seam to one side and trim off the ‘ears’. The triangle and diamond should line up ready to be stitched to the next row.

triangle diamond complete

Simple when you know how!


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