Tumbling Stars class

Combine 60 degree angles, diamonds, triangles and add a dash of 3D with light, medium and dark values of fabric – and you get Tumbling Stars!  Chris had spotted the possibilities in one of her many EQ doodling sessions last year and it was great fun to see all sorts of stars appear as everyone worked through her instructions.  We are all now masters of the 60 degree line on our rulers!  We also included instructions and a brief demo for hand piecing the design, and we were surprised by how many took the opportunity to try this during the day (Barbara is convinced we are seeing a massive revival in hand sewing in general, and hand piecing in particular).  Several mutterings of “could easily make a couple more and turn it into a table runner” ” maybe a bag” “maybe a shaped cushion” were overheard as we were checking and admiring progress – maybe these will show up as completed pieces at our September class ?  First of all, Chris’s sample and demo strips –

Chris's samples/demo


cutting shapes

arranging shapes


Once shapes were cut and counted and arranged it was time for some serious sewing –

one option

bright plains

batik option

in the pink

stone and terracotta

a touch of pink

red and white prints

We had a lot of fun exploring further options for the layout of this large hexagon –

option 1

option 2

option 3

and it was good to see some of the first set of completed blocks up on the display boards –

completed blocks

more blocks

We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next for these blocks – it should be quite interesting!  Well done to all, an enjoyably productive day.

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