Nearly Saturday . . .

. . . and thanks to the rain Chris has managed to drag herself in from the garden and make a machine-pieced sample for Saturday’s class. (at last – Barbara). Of course since we wrote the Needs List we’ve refined our originals somewhat and used more fabrics than asked for and generally twiddled about with the whole thing so it bears little resemblance to what we started with. (doesn’t everyone do this? – Barbara) But never fear, the fabric basket will be in the building and most of our students are used to the Needs List and the actual requirements being a vague approximation and bring just about their entire stash – or so it seems.

tumbling star

Chris has also managed to acquire a length of fabric to make a smart new sewing machine cover … sometime. This should replace the old cover which went astray in the move and has yet to reappear. In the meantime the fabric looks quite jolly and does quite well as a cover merely draped over the machine.

machine cover

All this rain may have driven Chris indoors to get on with some ‘proper’ work but it has played havoc with the garden walls – which were built with the wrong type of brick it would seem. They’ve crumbled away over the winter and need to be replaced. In the meantime the young man who will be doing the job in a week or two was so worried by the possible fate of the Wisteria that he came round one evening to prop everything up. No wonder he got the job!

wisteria wisteria wall

One day the garden may look as lovely as the picture a couple of Wednesday’s ago! In the meantime its back to finding fabric for Saturday (tomorrow! already!) and packing everything up.



One thought on “Nearly Saturday . . .

  1. No matter what you put in your needs list we never manage to have exactly what we want! How nice to see a young man who really cares about what he is doing – a real find.

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