Busy week

While Barbara has been teaching in Denver Chris has been busy teaching here. Although with the lovely weather we’ve had this week it’s amazing that students have turned up at all (let alone teacher) – everyone’s been saying they could do with being in the garden, so some classes were perhaps more condensed (shall we say) than originally planned!

So on Wednesday evening we spent a couple of hours playing with machine quilting – straight and slightly curved lines with the walking foot and then doodling with the free motion, just to get the feel of it. Plenty of time to practice later at home (once it starts to rain again).

machine quilting

Thursday was Dresden Plate day in Technique of the Month at The Corner Patch. Chris had brought along a few examples thrown together carefully stitched (or glued) over the years. These were all round ones – as you might expect – but we need to fill a space 4 x 12 inches so we had a choice: make three very small round plates or one large(r) oval plate. Chris was attempting to demonstrate the oval plate. No photos of that as Chris forgot the camera on the day and now can’t find the sample! It’ll be in the bottom of a box or bag somewhere. Or still at the shop?

dresden plate a

dresden plate b

dresden plate c

dresden plate d

dresden plate e

On Saturday we were back at the Corner Patch for Block of the Month and a different Technique of the Month (Saturday students are a month behind Thursday’s because it snowed in January). Block of the Month was Star Puzzle which gave us some more practice in Half-square Triangles and Flying Geese. We’ll have to show you an EQ picture as once again Chris can’t locate the sample (must be a Black Hole in the sewing room this morning – Chris). (I blame paint fumes from too much garden fence painting – Barbara).

star puzzle

In the afternoon we looked at hand piecing – mostly hexagons and diamonds. But seeing as it was Chris attempting to teach this we also looked at techniques for machine stitching these shapes.

hand piecing b

hand piecing a

hand piecing c

hand piecing f

Now its time to start putting everything together for the Chris and Barbara class this coming Saturday – Tumbling Stars – and really Chris ought to prepare for an EQ evening class she’s teaching next Wednesday and the following Saturday workshop – making a picnic table set using a charm pack – both at the Corner Patch (and Jane says she has a couple of places left). Here’s a picture of one of the table mats –

Charm square table mat

As the sun is still shining, its time to go back into the garden. Lesson plans can wait until its raining!


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