Busy weekends

Monday’s post should have been published on Friday but …. Barbara disappeared to Denver and, as Chris was travelling as well,  between us and technology (or lack of) our plans went astray. So … while Barbara enjoyed the delights of Heathrow and an upgrade on her flight, Chris sat in that huge carpark known as ‘The Motorway’  on what was possibly the hottest day so far this year. Which isn’t saying much, but it felt hot. However, a good weekend was had once the destination was reached and a restorative cup of coffee or two had been drunk. The following morning we explored the town and to our delight it was a special market day with an antique/curio market, a craft market, a ‘local produce’ market and all sorts to look at. No photos (of course) as Chris’s camera was back at the hotel conserving its energies (and batteries) for The Wedding that afternoon. Which is possibly what Chris should have been doing – it might have been cheaper too. Finery donned (yes, even Chris!) a great day was had – the bride looked fabulous, the church was lovely and all went well. The following morning Chris’s brother had suggested a walk – an app exists (?!) with guided walks of the area, so those with smart phones downloaded it and off we went. A ‘flat and easy walk of about 5 miles’.  Which it was – kind of. But probably better if not sleep-deprived. This time the camera did come along –

walk k

walk a

The trouble with this sort of landscape is that not only can you see how far you’ve walked – you can see how far you still have to walk to return to civilisation and a cup of coffee!

walk b

walk c

walk f

walk g

And the inside of this church –

walk h

walk i

And finally – a door grille Chris could not leave unphotographed


And for those who haven’t guessed (or recognised) where Chris was – it was Kent.

And now, for Chris, its back to her garret in C&B Towers and planning classes for the rest of the week. Barbara has emailed to say its warm with blue skies in Denver – for once we’re not envious as we’ve the same here. However she is staying in a place with quilt shop attached. Is this a Good Thing?


2 thoughts on “Busy weekends

  1. Lovely photos and that walk looks so inviting. Glad the wedding went well. Nice to be able to compete with Denver on the weather front too and I’m sure you can persuade your laptop to work in the garden.

  2. Faversham is beautiful I have lived here for 2 years and it is a magical place. I to went to Heathrow but it was a 5.30 in the morning to pick up my son so no M25 hold up.

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