What’s going on

Chris has been exceptionally busy in her executive office suite at C&B Towers this week – lots of screen gazing and clicking and sighing and drinking coffee.  It must be nearing the monthly deadline for her Wandering the Web feature for P&Q magazine!  She’s also getting lots more patterns and stuff ready to post on her Meadowside Designs website (but very slowly – Chris).  Sharp-eyed UK readers may have noticed Chris’s name credited to a number of projects in Popular Patchwork and Patchwork & Quilting magazines over the past couple of years and she’s just heard that both magazines will be carrying a Chris special project in their next issues. Soon she’ll be having to sign autographs on her way to HQ….! (ho, ho! – Chris)

Barbara has got most of her packing done to set off for a week teaching in Denver and has been persuaded to take some start-up work for one of our next Tittensor classes with her –



Which led to a little rummaging around and the re-discovering of a pack of templates carried home from the Veldhoven show last month

diamond template pack

diamond templates

just look how small a couple of these templates are  – we’re going to settle for using the larger ones we think (phew! – Chris)!  Perhaps something along these lines?

photo (8)


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