Saturday’s class – sampling frames

Such glorious weather for our Saturday class that Barbara felt obliged to take a quick pic as we were unpacking the cars

blue skies

Once everything was unpacked and set up we had a great day persuading everyone to make speedy four patch blocks and then play with various simple techniques to frame the blocks.  Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake were featured as fabric was neatly cut into strips, triangles and “new” blocks emerged.  Partial seams, Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps, Twist & Turn and Mighty Mitres (!) were demonstrated and admired, and we suspect there will be several bags, table runners, wallhangings and quick quilts made with the stacks of blocks framed in class.

Maggi starts off

enough fabric?

stack of blocks

this could be the start of something big


class favourite

strips and squares

mitred frame

more strips and squares


variety of frames


Some terrific homework completed from previous classes got an airing at lunchtime –

Jenny's quilt top

Anthea's quilt top


Marilla's hexagon triangles


Marilla's table runner


We all thought we might follow Maggi’s example of using several frames in sequence as she developed her blocks through the day –

Maggi's blocks I

Maggi's blocks II


Maggi's blocks III


We think we can safely say that a good time was had by all.  Time to pack everything away and start on the next round of preparation and procrastination ………………

1 thought on “Saturday’s class – sampling frames

  1. A really enjoyable class. I might even have done more today if the weather hadn’t been so lovely – the garden really did have to be a priority.

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