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Planning, planning …

Chris has taken a few hours away from C&B Enterprises and done a day course on garden design at Trentham Gardens. Very well worth while, lots of ideas, notes, scribblings on paper, and a good lunch included. But there will be precious little time to get going with any of her new gardening plans – a talk for Trinity Quilters on the delights of Electric Quilt, teaching in Eccleshall and a trip to Quilts UK all feature in her diary for this week. A little bit of muttering along the lines of ” over-scheduled, too much to do” has been heard. How long will it be before Chris’s garden looks like this? –

Upper Flower Garden

(image courtesy of Trentham Gardens Estate)

Barbara has much less to do, just get herself and the right bags down to Malvern to set up her stand at Quilts UK and then going on to teach at Denman College before being allowed back returning home next week.

the bags await

We’re also trying to finalise our Saturday dates for next year – this is a task that seems to show up with great frequency, but we do have to book well in advance and try to avoid clashes with our other separate teaching commitments.

the diary thing

There’s planning to be done for our Not Block of the Month series –

fabric choices

some preparation for our next Saturday class

part of the next class?

patterns and samples to make for Meadowside Designs

pattern preparation?

It’s probably time for more caffeine!

2 thoughts on “Planning, planning …”

  1. Just a wee bit hectic around Middle England this week by the sounds of it 🙂
    The last photo with the Welsh quilt, is that an extraordinary photocopy – it looks very touchable quilty- or a real miniature quilt? I like it either way, great colours.

  2. If Chris’ garden turns out like that she’ll be entering Chelsea next. I am amazed at the organisation – next year, I struggle to get organised for a month ahead!

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