Aftermath 2

Just a quick update – we’ve had an email from Angela at Traplet with a link to the video of the British Quilt and Stitch Village show at Uttoxeter. Can you spot yourself? Did you look at the quilts and wonder if you were at the same show? We often find this – you go to a show, you take photos of quilts, you go home and (eventually) download the photos to the computer and look at them properly … and think ‘I don’t remember that quilt’.  Do they look different in photos?

Chris also wishes to report – the roof is finished. Hoorah. No more merry cries of “Any chance of a cuppa, love?” every five minutes (or so it seemed). Peace descends once more. No excuses for not getting on with whatever it was that was supposed to be done before Barbara returned.


2 thoughts on “Aftermath 2

  1. It was a brilliant show and I was really enjoying the video until I saw this hideous fat woman walk past the camera. I am now on a diet and hope to look a little less hideous next year.

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