Life is slowly returning to what passes for normal at C&B Towers. ‘Stuff’ has been unpacked and homes found once more – how come you take things out of the house then come to put them back and they don’t seem to have a home anymore? What happened to the large-box-shaped hole in the cupboard that the large box came out of?

Barbara had little time to unpack before she had to turn around and head for Holland and the show at Veldhoven. Not only that, but as soon she gets back it will be time to go to Malvern for Quilts UK! Chris reckons Barbara’s house will be nowt but a heap of boxes, half-packed. This, of course, is why Chris has a pile of quilts to to be returned to their owners at the Staffordshire Patchworkers meeting tonight. Edwina McKinnon is our speaker.

quilts to return

Not that Chris has been entirely idle in the past few days while Barbara has been awol. In between bouts of gardening activity the Layer Cake Scramble samples have progressed (a little) – the pink one has had all the blocks sewn together and is awaiting a decision on border(s) and binding (and who forgot to go and look for something to back it with while at Uttoxeter?!)

layer cake pink

and the blue squares are all made and a decision made on how to put them together. Shame they’re all over the sitting room floor ….

layer cake blue

And all this sewing activity has been accompanied by a loud radio outside – don’t know what station it has been tuned to but they must be playing ‘Golden Oldies’ as Chris recognises a lot of tunes; may even have once possessed records (45s!) of them. Though the radio is often drowned out by the sound of hammering and crashing and rumbling.  The cause of all this racket? A new roof, rather urgently required after the weather of the last 9 months or so. This is the view from the bedroom window.


So at least come next winter Chris will be snug and weather-proof. And, even better, the weather has been dry all week.


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