Show news bulletin

No pictures for this post (kind of Wordless Wednesday in reverse) but just to report that the first day of the show at Uttoxeter went really well – lovely atmosphere, LOTS of people and LOTS of quilts to see, fabulous Tentmaker demonstration, excellent longarm quilting demonstrations, traders galore, classes and even live guitar playing alongside the cafe area! (Barbara really liked this bit – Chris).  We’re in the upstairs exhibit space and having a great time talking about hand piecing and our classes and the Layer Cake Scramble free pattern. (Scroll back to our previous post for the pattern link).  If you’re not able to get to the show, remember that our free pattern is available to download until Sunday night.  But we strongly recommend that, if you were idly thinking that you might come to the show, then do visit, it’s very well worth while.


3 thoughts on “Show news bulletin

  1. Hi, I must have been asleep when the free pattern was given out and I went to the great show at Uttoxeter. Is there anywhere I can purchase this pattern?

    • The pattern isn’t for sale … yet. Once its been titivated to a state where we think we can ask money for it then it will go up on the website and we’ll let you know.

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