Free Pattern

To celebrate the quilt show at Uttoxeter – British Quilt & Stitch Village – we thought we’d offer you a free pattern to download just for the three days of the show. It’s the basic instructions for the Layer Cake Scramble which Chris taught at The Corner Patch a few weeks ago.   Since then so many people have been asked about it that we thought this might be a good idea.  As you can see Chris hasn’t quite finished hers yet, but its coming on … slowly. (Some half-baked excuse about “run out of fabric” apparently – Barbara)

Layer cake scramble

We’ll both be demonstrating at the show and giving away the pattern there as well, although numbers will be limited.  (Chris should also be hunting for fabric to finish that Layer Cake Scramble – Barbara).  If you are at the show do drop by to say hello – we’re upstairs at Stand 75.   It looks like being a jolly good day out as we understand there are over 70 traders coming plus a working demonstration by one of the Tentmakers from Cairo, and any number of other exhibits, events and classes.  We were at the showground on Monday, delivering quilts for the main exhibition, and everywhere looked very smart, fresh and well-tended – a very pleasant spot indeed.  Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “Free Pattern

  1. Thank you for posting this free pattern . With such a busy time, I am so pleased that you think of us. have a good time at the show!

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