Layer Cake class

On Saturday Chris was allowed a break from computers and gardening to go and teach a class at the Corner Patch.  Billed as ‘Layer Cake Scramble‘ it was an ideal class for those who had never attempted patchwork before – start with a Layer Cake (or its equivalent), cut it apart, scramble up the pieces, sew them back together again, and again, and again …   Searching for inspiration on the internet Chris had come across a video from the Missouri Quilt Company which acted as the starting point for her class – cut a strip from each square, mix up the strips and sew them back together again; then cut the resulting pieces in half across the two strips, scramble them up and sew them back together.  The video ended at this point by stitching these square units together to make a quilt top.  And this is as far as we all got by lunchtime on Saturday.



In the afternoon we had a look at the different ideas Chris had had for what could be done with these units other than sew them together.  Everyone went for Option Three which was to add in a background fabric and create half-square triangle units.


More fabric was chosen, the sewing machines whirred and by four o’clock nearly everyone had a pile of completed triangle squares waiting to be cut apart – we even had one set of triangles ready for designing with; as we all know, half-square triangles can be put together in so many different ways that it can be difficult to decide on just one arrangement.





We think they all enjoyed themselves, even if Jane did say it sounded as if Chris was running a sweatshop upstairs.  But a Layer Cake plus the background gave everyone a minimum of 80 (yes,eighty) 9 inch squares – enough for a double bed quilt top.  Not bad for one Saturday’s stitching!

PS:  (Regular readers – you know who you are! – will have noticed that we are messing about with   experimenting  fine-tuning the appearance of our blog.   Feel free to let us know your opinions on said appearance …)


3 thoughts on “Layer Cake class

  1. Hello, I think the new look is fine, but I miss the beautiful braid picture at the top – not a moan, I just loved to look at the fabrics in that braid!
    I notice in the info that YQs has a magazine – my daughter is a member of the Almondsbury branch in Bristol and we didn’t know about a magazine. Is it an online issue, or something that comes through the door?
    Always enjoy following your blog,

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