More time off ..

It’s still staff holidays here at C&B Towers which means there’s time for Chris to continue building websites (and ripping her hair out and consuming coffee) and Barbara is trying to get ahead with class samples of all descriptions.  Somehow the theme for these samples seems to feature red – not sure how that happened, but just to prove that we have been busy, here’s a peek –



sample construction

more samples

samples again

And now – somewhat belatedly – Chris realises she has a class to teach at Jane’s shop on Saturday.  It’s time to stop procrastinating, stop pondering on the perplexities of ports and php, let alone decisions on domains and databases and start sewing.  There’s samples and Blue Peters to be made and a worksheet to check.  Time to find those squares cut last week …chop them up …. sew them back together  …. (note the trusty vintage sewing machine that is still doing sterling service! Barbara)

layer cake

The Layer Cake Scramble is fun and easy to do – especially when your head is not full of computer-speak.  Could be just the antidote Chris needs for the end of the week.


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