Time off

While C&B Towers is closed for the public holiday there has been a considerable amount of scurrying around behind the scenes.  Chris is battling with  constructing new websites and Barbara is “trying to get some things finished”.  We can’t show you what the new website work looks like – it would probably best be summed up by a line of empty coffee cups and clumps of hair ripped out – but we can offer a look at one of the “some things” that is scheduled to be finished.  Except that there’s still no decision on the best layout for these little fan blocks – feel free to add your opinion as to what looks best …

Grandmother's Fan blocks


Grandmother's Fan 2


Grandmother's Fan 3


Grandmother's Fan 4



Grandmother's Fan 5




4 thoughts on “Time off

  1. Love the blocks. In my humble opinion, since you asked, I prefer the third layout. It gives the quilt movement rather than a static look. I actually like the second as well, except I’m sure you don’t mean to keep those lovely little slivers (which could be rusty colours) between the blocks to keep them on those odd angles. I know, I know, that’s just how they landed when you threw them on the floor 🙂

  2. Hope you have some hair left between you on Thursday. I think I like the first arrangement best. There is a lot going on in the fabrics and this static arrangement seems to calm it and enable the fabrics to be seen. But what would I know 🙂

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