From time to time we get emails from students with photos of quilts they have finished (or nearly finished). Sometimes they are quilts started in class or in a workshops; sometimes they’re not. It doesn’t matter – we’re always thrilled and delighted to see what has been achieved. And then think guiltily of all our own unfinished quilt tops, or collections of blocks. We call them ‘teaching samples’ but one day our bluff will be called. In the meantime we thought we’d celebrate with a gallery of ‘finishes’ that we’ve seen recently.  We’re sure you’ll agree that we’ve had some very talented students –

finished cot quilt

finished fans

finished frame quilt

finished puzzle

finished quilt

finished roman jewels

finished quilt2


So, a whole weekend in prospect with no class commitments, but perhaps a lot of seasonal chocolate to help us make some finishes of our own – or would that be “starts” of our own…??  There has been some muttering in the corridors of C&B Towers about a “sort of Block of the Month” that might actually get off the proverbial drawing board quite soon, and Barbara has some pieces cut out for a rather snazzy new hand pieced block. – We’d better get on with some stitching.  Happy Easter!


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