Weekend work

We may have been defeated by the weather and cancelled the class on Saturday but we did make productive use of the “extra” time at home (and you thought we would have just sat around consuming coffee and cake…!).  Chris got ahead with some of her class preparation cutting LOTS of 10inch squares

snow day3

snow day4

There was also a deadline for Chris’s regular feature “Wandering the Web” (Patchwork & Quilting magazine) to deal with, so a few more hours were taken care of

wandering the web

Barbara cut 10inch squares too, but only a couple, and started making the samples for our next Tittensor class “Four into Sixteen”.

more 10inch squares

sample - step one

And then there was the pile of bits waiting to be made into natty iPhone/Pod sleeves

awaiting transformation

And a sample to finish up for a handwork class

handwork sample

And a sample to finish for a hand quilting class

hand quilting sample

Today the outlook is a little better with blue skies, but still snow and bitter winds so we’re going to stay warm and see if we can get some stitching done.

Monday's outlook


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