Defeated by weather

Fancy having to cancel a class because of snow and other wintry nasties – in the middle of March!  It was the last thing we thought we’d have to do, but things were not looking good – by lunch time today we’d taken half a dozen different calls saying “Can’t make it tomorrow” so we looked out the window –

Mid March in England

and decided to call the caretaker at Tittensor Village Hall to cancel our booking for tomorrow.  We really hate cancelling, but the forecast for the whole area is pretty dire and, whilst we are fairly sure we would get there, a lot of our students have some distance to travel, so it’s the most sensible option.  So we’re going to put all the stuff away that had been put out ready to lift into the cars and settle down to sewing and waiting for better weather.   We hope everyone stays safe and warm this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Defeated by weather

  1. I cann’t believe you’ve got snow in March! We’re having a 33 degree C. day today – Saturday. From the Ozzie convict.

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