Still stitching

Despite vital babysitting (Barbara) and equally vital computer playing (Chris) we’re still finding time to stitch.  While Barbara sat hand piecing on the train Chris was teaching at The Corner Patch in Eccleshall and after that sitting at the machine at home (on hold on the phone “thank you for holding … we value your call” …) making blocks and quilt tops.  Not sure the temper from being kept on hold for half a day has improved the piecing accuracy though!

Teaching first – Thursday was Flying Geese morning at Eccleshall and we played with several methods for making these one at a time, four at a time and folded.  Skeins of geese should shortly been seen in the neighbourhood (airborne or not? – Barbara).

The Saturday morning class made Checkerboards and Pinwheels in the morning and explored half-square triangles for the Block of the Month class in the afternoon.  Chris has revamped the design of this quilt slightly as all the Saturday students are beginners, so this week we made a Ribbon Star block.  Last week was in-at-the-deep-end with a Sarah’s Choice block – lots of half-square triangles (which, as you see, is still not completely finished).

BoM blocks

In between was Friday.  The day spent ‘on hold’.  So to fill in the time while she was waiting Chris got out the Blue Peter blocks started at the last Tittensor class on Roman Jewels, made a few more blocks and joined them together.  A border fabric was obtained on Saturday and so Sunday it was sewn in place.  All (!) that needs doing now is the quilting.  And binding.  And the label. But isn’t it fun, what you can do with a striped fabric rather than joining all those strips to make a Roman Stripe.

stripes top

Of course what we both should be doing this week is preparing for Saturday’s Tittensor class – Freestyle Piecing – (which is fully booked).  Guess what’s on the agenda for tomorrow!


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