Happiness is ….

…. another bit of technology – or learning how one bit works.   Chris has been very busy doing all sorts of new things deep within the recesses of Electric Quilt and these will eventually show up as part of Meadowside Designs.  At the moment they are “under development” – which means they’re not quite in finished form and we haven’t had a minimum of 10 coffee-fuelled discussions about them.


Barbara has been travelling around again with an evening class at The Corner Patch and a day at Cupcake Cottons, plus two days in London, so she has only had time to update her beloved Gadget and keep up with paperwork and worksheets.  But she has found a blissful app for said Gadget and was last heard muttering “myPantone is the one …” with her eyes firmly glued to the Gadget’s screen.  Yes, we know you can do all sorts of exciting stuff in Photoshop and all those other lovely programs but this app lets you play with Pantone colours, choose them, swoosh them around in a fan, mail them,  and, most important of all, you can take pictures and magically the colour palette of that picture appears.  Chris is now despairing that Barbara will still be messing around with this time-waster  important program when we are supposed to be packing and getting ready for our Saturday class “Freestyle Piecing” at Tittensor.  Oh well, at least a tiny bit of handpiecing has been done (actually a whole block on Saturday afternoon – Barbara).

hand piecing - detail of "wrong side"

more hand work

Wordless Wednesday will be the next post – we heartily recommend you jump over to our friend Lee Cleland’s photography blog Beyond Purgatory as well.  You’ll find fabulous pictures and lots of tempting colour inspiration – need we say more?


2 thoughts on “Happiness is ….

  1. Love following your Blog and thanks for the plug for mine – Friday is the best day for quilters as I have both a photo and a small quilt of the week.

  2. Lovely images on Lee’s blog, thanks for the link. I hope that you manage to get ready in time for Saturday. If that is the back of the hand stitched block it makes a gorgeous collage.

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