Plans and patterns

Chris has been burning a lot of midnight oil for the past couple of weeks working on a new website “Meadowside Designs.  Now that the site is up and running she is busy loading it with patterns for all sorts of quilts, large and small, putting new patterns together and collecting ideas for future patterns.  The snazzy thing about all this is that the patterns are “pay and download” – no waiting for emails and attachments, or even snail mail, so it’s instant gratification!  The best-selling pattern so far features owls – always a favourite, and the pattern she’s just uploaded this week features pigs (some sort of theme going on here? – Barbara)

owls in a tree

this little piggy 1

There is even a cunning plan to get Barbara to turn over some of her vintage quilts for patterns, and maybe even a few quilting designs and motifs.  Barbara suspects this will involve deadlines and perhaps some sort of bribery by chocolate…  meanwhile the list of potential pattern contributors seems to grow daily ….  If you follow the Meadowside blog you’ll get some of the background info on the patterns as they become available.


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