Keeping busy

Barbara has been whizzing about the country visiting friends and doing grandmotherly duty while Chris has also been visiting friends and viewing quilts. An invitation from our friend Ann Jermey to explore her quilt cupboard was not to be missed.  Ann’s cupboard is legendary and its not just a cupboard – there’s at least 4 large drawers in it as well and then … there’s the banisters (always a useful quilt storage place we’ve found – in Chris’s last house you could hardly get up the stairs for quilts over the banister) and there’s also the sewing room cupboard which is more of a small room than a cupboard.  A very happy afternoon was spent emptying this cupboard and examining the quilts, old and new, before they were re-folded and put away again.

quilt cupboard

And the reason for all this activity, apart from the sheer joy of handling quilts?

Chris and Ann have got a new website for patchwork patterns so were rummaging around to find suitable quilts to write patterns for. And (unsurprisingly) there were quite a few. Probably enough to keep Chris glued to the computer for several weeks while they get written up and posted on the website, and to keep Ann busy taking photos. Next stop might be … Barbara’s quilt cupboard (a.k.a. the Tardis) ? But not for a while, let’s recover from Ann’s cupboard first.


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