Roman Jewels ..

.. was the title of Saturday’s Workshop.  To add to the confusion over  illustrate what exactly we were going to be doing Chris took along some quilts from previous classes – two Roman Stripe wall hangings and a Jewel Block.

Roman Jewels a

A packed class – only just enough tables, even with small ones drafted in as cutting stations – had a brief reprise on quick piecing techniques for both of these designs (we were horrified to realise how long ago we’d last taught them – Barbara) before we moved on to combining the two elements to make a new block we had, of course, christened ‘Roman Jewels’.  So a bit of flurried piecing, cutting, more piecing and more cutting miraculously produced four blocks in one go. The method used was an adaptation from Blocks by the Square by Jodi Burrows.

roman jewels c

roman jewels d

roman jewels ea

roman jewels f

(no, we don’t where the fourth went either)

After a much needed lunch, more tea, coffee, chocolate, and a breath of (very chilly) fresh air a happy (?) afternoon was spent deciding how best to arrange these blocks and whether to make eight or sixteen or …

roman jewels g roman jewels i roman jewels j roman jewels k

And some folk looked and thought” but we haven’t done the Roman Stripe or the Jewel Block before” and so opted to do those instead.

roman jewels n

roman jewels m

We can’t wait to see the finished items – some were even having borders put on by the time the last cup of tea was made.

The good news is that next month’s class – Freestyle Piecing – is specially designed to use up those scraps and left over bits (anyone would think we’d planned it that way! – Barbara). The Needs List for this is now on the website (sorry, it wasn’t before – slight glitch in Chris’s memory) and we still have a couple of places left.

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