Meanwhile …

… Chris has been busy.  Just don’t ask ‘doing what?’ cos she’s not entirely sure; let’s just say the last week or so has vanished somewhere. Some teaching happened in Eccleshall at The Corner Patch.  The Thursday Technique of the Month looked at simple strip piecing while the Saturday session started anew (last month snow stopped play) with a Square in a Square and a bonus Windmill block from the offcuts.

technique sqs and windmills

technique sq in sq

technique windmill

The Block of the Month  looked at a simple (but large) half-square triangle unit and then smaller units made up our block – Sarah’s Choice.

Sarah's Choice

There was also the small matter of a Layer Cake class happening on April 6th and a shop sample was required. So … a Layer Cake was chosen (this one is Moda Coquette) and cut up and sewn back together again

layer cake units

and then some of these blocks arranged together to make a little top


So far, so conventional. But then … Chris thought … what if …??

More cutting, more stitching and now there are four little quilt top flimsies in the shop to show what could be made in the workshop. If you want to know more and have a Layer Cake crying out to be cut up then book a place with Jane.

And after the last few weeks it was lovely to see a change in the weather and get out into the garden as well. So a new bed has been created, with paths and pebbles but as yet no plants. The plants are ready and waiting,  just need another sunny day or two. However there is also a Chris and Barbara workshop – Roman Jewels – on Saturday. Maybe ought to get the worksheets and samples done for that instead.


One thought on “Meanwhile …

  1. Lovely samples. The weather at the moment is almost lulling us into a false sense of security as far as the garden goes but they say more snow is on the way. Hope it holds off until after Saturday.

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