From our overseas correspondent …

Chris has been left in charge of C&B Enterprises yet again while Barbara gets on and off planes and collects airmiles in the name of quilting.  The outside temperature at C&B Towers is somewhere around the 2 degrees C mark, and this is the view from the classroom in Cairo where Barbara has been teaching this week, outside temperatures middle 60s Fahrenheit (a great improvement in Barbara’s opinion)  –


Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the class production too – a Mystery session,  based on one of our Chris & Barbara classes from 2011, a dyeing session, and an applique session.

first cuts in the Mystery


one Mystery resolved


some of the daring dyers


Diane's completed Mystery


conquering points


Whilst she is in Cairo Barbara will also be visiting the Street of the Tentmakers (doubtless there will be some serious retail therapy – Chris)and would like to encourage everyone to visit this link and perhaps get involved –    

“Normal” UK classes begin for us on Saturday 23 February, when we hope the skies will look like this –

Under Egyptian skies




3 thoughts on “From our overseas correspondent …

  1. Barbara so sorry that we did not get the chance to meet in Cairo whilst you were in town. We were busy preparing to follow one of the Tentmakers of Cairo to Paris for a large textiles exhibition.

    Some of the footage from here in France will more than likely make it into the film, ‘The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khiamiah’, which we are in the midst of a support campaign for. So if people are interested in the Tentmakers and would like to support the film please go to

    Kim Beamish
    Producer/ Director
    The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khiamiah

  2. Had a great time and really enjoyed your classes. I am so sorry I was sick for the dyeing class – that was the one I wanted the most but the applique class was great. Still cutting out fabric for the mystery quilt. Decided to make it a bit bigger and found more kids fabric. When it is done I will send a picture. Thanks again for coming. It will most definitely be one of the high-lights of living in Egypt.

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