Better late ….

… than never – a somewhat delayed report on the show at Nantwich. Despite the weather we decided to go – we’d promised we would and it isn’t that far away, and Barbara has the Tank (and she now knows how to engage the 4-wheel drive). So at a somewhat ungodly hour of the morning (but not as early as Chris had feared) Barbara drew up at Chris’s and the Tank was loaded up with extension leads, sewing machine, brochures, and other ‘stuff’.¬† A fair amount was left behind, such as the display boards for the quilts as we didn’t want to be carting stuff back and fore for ever if it was snowing heavily (as forecast) later on and we needed to make a quick getaway. Barbara, of course, was demonstrating hand sewing so just had her small bag of sewing kit and a selection of pieces wrapped in a linen napkin – it was Chris who needed all the paraphenalia associated with machine piecing. As it happened we needn’t have worried – the roads were cleared (mostly) and the promised snow didn’t come until after we got home. Even better – people came to the show. We were fewer in number – both visitors and traders – than in some years when the weather has been kinder, but it was still a good turnout and we had plenty to chat about to old friends and students who’d braved the roads and the forecast to come from far and wide.

It was good too to see quilts we recognised from classes, finished and hung – here’s Barbara’s snap of Bren’s ‘Grow your Own’ quilt


And in between chatting we got on with the serious business of demonstrating – Barbara was sewing her Antique Rose and can report that she now has 6 (or was it 7?) rosettes completed.



Chris was still playing with the blocks she started at the show in Bradley back in November. A slight panic when she realised she hadn’t actually looked in the bag since November – were all the pieces and fabrics still in there? Yes, they were, but not cut out as she thought she remembered; thank goodness a cutting mat, ruler and cutter had been thrown into the bag too. By the end of the day 16 blocks had been put together.


This started life as a doodle in EQ. Still not sure about it – the colours, the design … does it need more blocks … a border … will it just get shoved to the back of the cupboard for a few years??

In the meantime since we got back, it has snowed some more … and some more … and melted a bit and frozen a bit and snowed some more … especially last night, but this morning is a lovely bright sunny day and the snow is melting fast. So now we’re promised floods. Hoorah. Barbara has escaped all this and fled to the US to visit her friend Pat Cox and look over Pat’s collection of antique quilts. Which means Chris is in charge. Again. So apologies in advance if Wordless Wednesday is late arriving ( I never know what day it is – Chris).


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